3CNC provides a comprehensive approach to HIPAA Security Risk Assessments that will help you fulfill a key requirement for qualifying for Meaningful Use financial incentives.

3CNC will:

  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA Security regulations and Meaningful Use.
  • Provide an assessment comprised of tools, reports, and policies and procedures.
  • Reduce the complexity, fuss and presumptions of complying with the law.
  • Ensure your practice is up to date, safe, and secure.

Why do you need it?
It’s simple. If you have electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI), you need to secure and protect it! Your practice is required to change and preserve compliance with the regulations set forth in both the HIPAA and HITECH Acts.

What should you consider?
3CNC provides a security risk assessment, taking an in-depth look at how your practice secures ePHI. We provide practices with the necessary safeguards and documentation to comply with Meaningful Use.

Should your assessment be managed?
Assessments should be managed since they're frequently changing. 3CNC uses a combination of various tools to obtain system information and vulnerabilities in order to document, correct and establish various policies and procedures.

How does 3CNC differ?
We help review and define policies and procedures with lead Physicians and Practice Managers. We assist you with your network documentation, contingency and disaster recovery planning. Unlike other consultants who point out problems but won't execute solutions, 3CNC implements all the right solutions to get and keep your practice running smoothly, protected, and HIPAA compliant.