Traditionally, the idea of surveillance systems tends to be a complicated one that includes lots of screens and constant monitoring. New network security technologies from 3CNC make that a thing of the past with our easy to understand systems and tailor-made services designed for businesses like yours. Network security is more important than ever with even the largest of corporations experiencing breaches, and it’s important you keep your company safe.

3CNC’s domainSECUREs network security solutions include, among other things:

  • Keeping things honest – Times are hard, and temptation can be overwhelming. Keep your employees honest and assign consequences when they aren’t.
  • Internet Usage Reports – Assess productivity by monitoring staff internet usage.
  • Complete compliance – We are Certified HIPAA Security Professionals (CHSP) dedicated to keeping your practice in compliance and away from costly violations.
  • Perimeter security – We keep intruders out of your network.
  • Peace of mind – Rest assure that with our 24/7 monitoring systems you will be able to sleep soundly.
  • WiFi & 3G Services – Mobility without compromised security
  • No down time – Stable and reliable operations of all network security technology is essential, and we make sure that’s exactly what you get.

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